fredag 27 mars 2009

USA bitten by the Mosquito!

Last weekend Mosquito Tactics was introduced at the Regional Training Forum (RTF) in USA. 
The book was introduced at the training alongside Big Ed and the Passport (two new amazing eductional tools - check them out!).

Kiran, the Education and Training Officer at the International Office (IO), who was at the training says:
"The overall reaction to the book concept was very favourable. People definitely saw a role for the book within the spread of educational publications we have. The content of the book was of interest, particularly the background information on Peace Culture/Peace education which has been missing from previous publications. 
In short, the overall reaction to the book was extremely positive. There was also talk of version zero becoming a limited edition collectors item!"

People at the RTF also thought that:
  • Mosquito tactics would be an excellent marketing tool.
  • The book had great new illustrations for Educational content/ASK/Experiential learning and liked the fact that these illustrations were consistent within all three publications (Big Ed, Passport and Mosquito tactics)
  • the style of the book and quality of the paper/printing felt very professional and engaging.

We look forward to getting feedback from all of you! Read more about how you can contribute to the development of Mosquito tactics here.

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