torsdag 19 mars 2009

What is a Mosquito camp?

This very good question was asked in one of the comments here on the blog and who better to explain than one of the coordinators of the camp?

We asked Joanda from CISV Mölndal to explain it to us. This is what she said:

"Well, we have no idea, yet…
But this is how it's gonna go:
We have 10 leaders, room for 25 kids between the ages 10 to 12 and five days. We have 4 mosquito-eduactaion-evenings for the leaders to work with the different parts of the book Mosquito tactics and the foundations of CISV:
  • Diversity
  • Human Rights
  • Conflict and Resolution
  • Sustainable Development
From the book and the inspiration we get from it we are going to plan our camp. COOL !!!
The theme will be 'Mosquito - even a small mosquito can bite!' We want to work with the kids and make them realize that they can make a difference, even if they are small (like a mosquito). Get it? YEY!!"

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