fredag 6 mars 2009

Launch day

Today is a big day in the history of Mosquito tactics. Today, the 6th of march 2009 the book is launched with a big party in the center of Malmö (Sweden). You are all very invited!

Today is also a great day for Mosquito tactics because it’s the day we officially launch the Mosquito tactics blog. (Yes! This one!).Our hope is that this blog will be an insanely interactive part of the internet were we all can share our thoughts about this book. The goal of this blog is to involve all of you in this amazing project and through that improve the next versions of the book.

The blog will be updated regularly with photos and texts from different workshops where the book is being used. You can help with this! Sometimes we will post discussion questions and we hope you’ll all join the discussions. We would love to collect new sticker pictures - so grab a sticker, your camera and get out there! Then please send us your pictures! (To learn how to get in touch with us check out the “feedback” section - you’ll find it in the top of the right side of this page). These are just a few ways for you to get involved.

Mosquito tactics belongs to you! Now let’s get this party started!

Ps. If you understand Swedish and want to read a sample of the book you'll find one here:

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