onsdag 22 april 2009

We love feed-back!

Today we start the process for collecting feed-back on version 0 of “Mosquito tactics – a coffee table book about peace education”.

While you are analyzing the book before sending us feed-back please take in to consideration that the target group of the book is everyone in the age of 15 to 50, from different parts of the world, living different lives and that most use English as their second language.

The ambition of the “Mosquito tactics” project to discuss, educate, inspire, provoce and through this create a common understanding about what peace education is and how it is connected to the concept of peace and different peace initiatives.

Questions and dates
We have divided the questions into different topics and linked each one to different days.
We will send out a group of questions every sixth day so you will have some time to send in your answers. This will hopefully help you reflect on the different part that come together in the book, and will also help us in getting back sharp feed-back.

Calendar and questions
  • 23 April 09 – Structure: overall
  • 28 April 09 – Content: Peace (page 11–23)
  • 3 May 09 – Content: Peace culture (page 27–47)
  • 7 May 09 – Content: Peace education (page 57–79)
  • 11 May 09 – Content: Peace initiative (page 81–107)
  • 15 May 09 – Language (text): overall
  • 19 May 09 – Graphic design, photos, and illustration: overall
  • 23 May 09 – General feedback and ideas

Contact us at mosquito@se.cisv.org
Or, join our feedback group on Facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Mosquito-tactics/136321865222?ref=s

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