tisdag 22 december 2009

Mosquito Tactics in Vienna

Invited by SVEA in Sweden, Mosquito Tactics was presented in OBESSU´s 5th European School Student Convention “Education in the Globalised World: threats and chances” started in Vienna. The book was well received in the conference as a theoretical and practical tool to develop initiatives to solve global conflicts from local perspectives.

Rodolfo Zúñiga from CISV Sweden, together with Emma Hosbond from Operation Dayswork and Denise Tan from Amnesty International were in the panel debate "Can everyone be a global actor?". The panel gave the possibility to show how CISV works actively in global topics as human rights and sustainable from concrete local actions worldwide. In this matter, Mosquito Tactics served as a tool to help people to become global actors from their school, neighborhood, family, etc.

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