torsdag 19 november 2009

Peace initiave: Mosquito Camp 09 - CISV Möndal

Last summer CISV Möndal chapter in Sweden arranged a Mosaic project with the economical support of Olof Palme Foundation. This project was a succesful local camp for children with Culture of Peace as a theme and inspired by Mosquito Tactics:

Mosquito camp 09!

The summer camp this year was like an inspiration bomb that I didn´t see coming. Suddenly the camp had become a mosaic project and lots of serious meetings were booked up in my calendar.

Vi talked about how we were going to do something new out of the coming camp, how we in CISV could change our thoughts and opinions, but most of all: How we were going to the best local camp ever! Mosquito Camp!

The whole process with Mosquito camp has been a new part of my earlier experience of being a leader on local camps. All the activities were planned into every detail so that we always knew how, what, and why we did the activity, and also what mark it would leave in children’s life.

Mosquito Tactics gave us a clearer and more define picture of what peace education is. We got inspiration about how we should reach a goal and why we wanted to achieve that goal. The book gave us a way of thinking that is much more criticizing and it also brought up discussion questions that we used a lot after and during our activities.

The camp was a success and became the best local camp I have taken part of ever. Children´s way of taking part in the discussions, asking, giving their own opinion and listening to each other was almost like a shock to us towards the end of the camp. The kids brought personal things in the discussion and opened up themselves. It was quite fantastic to see that all the kids accepting each other’s opinions.

We succeeded with making eleven year old kids think more critical and realize that their own opinion was as much worth in the discussion than anyone else’s, and I would say that was our biggest goal with the entire Mosquito Camp.

They became fully completed “mosquitoes”.

Jesper Nilsson

Here is the rapport to Olof Palme Foundation (in Swedish) about the camp.

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